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What is Killing Time?

Frank Zappa interpreted by Brazilian musicians, or Gentle Giant without vocal fused into traditional or New Age music. You can hear many more elements in their music from constructiveness of contemporary classic music, wild energy of free jazz to melodic essence of world music or meditational feeling of healing music. A unique instrumental music with harmonic aesthetics and pastoral gentleness in radical avant-garde.

Itakura Bun (guitar), the leader of Chakra started a sound experiment with one of the band's member Shimizu Kazuto( keyboard, reeds, marimba) and sound engineer Ma*to (tabla, synthesizer, computer) in 1982 "to kill time". This trio named themselves Killing Time in 1983. In 1984 a violinist Saito Neko joined the band and gave many gigs.(These 4 are the very core of Killing Time.) In 1986 a bassist, a percussionist and a drummer participated and Killing Time became a septet and released their first official recording Bob.
4 albums and 1 compilation were issued by 1990 and after their live appearance in 1992 they got into a long suspension due to the trouble in their record company till they revive for themselves to make a gig in December 1998.

Each of the members makes his living as a professional musician and does a lot of sessions, compositions,
arrangements, commercial musics, movie musics,etc.
They've built up the enormous family of telented musicians together with Semba Kiyohiko's Haniwa project as "Haniwa-Killing Time connexion" .

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